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Subject: hi
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ashleyle 4/28/2007 - 8:18:16
hi girls please invite me on 0722466376 *

karl43 5/22/2007 - 5:31:55
Hi asley we are a belgian bicouple . I am karl 45 j old. My two wifes erica is 28j old and vicky is 27j old. We like to share eveything. We all 3 are bis*xual. I like my gals but if a gal brings a boy in i also blow him off. I did this only twice. Erica had a galfriend interested to have s*x with us. There was only one problem the gals boyfriend like to get blow bymen. I must say i enjoyed i was surprised get blowed by a men was as good as by women. So i could that gal to. While i his gal he me in my was my first time to but not my last. But i prefer gals cat at most. We are totaly free, we all together or we seperate with strangers. We would like to invite you. The more expierence the more fun . May i you to s*xy ashley kiss x x x *

puser 6/14/2007 - 6:21:31
If u prms me 2 give me a time of my life im a black girl wud reali like 2 b by a white guy so pls invite me at 0762286743 *

biguy25 26.04.08 - 05:45am
0786475527 *

bheko 30.08.08 - 10:00pm
hi invt me plz 0847265243 *

ts4u 23.03.09 - 08:50pm
Hi invite me my no's 0729772032 *

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